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About us

Our fixers in South Korea

Need a Fixer in South Korea, (the UK branch under the umbrella) provides the largest network of fixers, across the globe.

NEEDaFIXER SOUTH KOREA have a database of diverse film locations around the country, and we can source the best spot for your production.

You may decide to film in one of the many bustling cities, and we can help set up a shot in a busy area. While you can’t close off roads in Seoul, you can film at less busy times, or we can find an alternative city that’ll look just as good.

We source South Korean filming locations, sort out permits, and ensure you have everything you need to start shooting, making the experience of filming in the country so much more pleasant.

What can our fixers in South Korea do for you?

Although South Korea is no stranger to film production, there are a few challenges that can present themselves. It can be difficult to reach more remote locations, so you might need help with accommodation and transport from the NEEDaFIXER SOUTH KOREA crew.

Some city locations can be incredibly crowded, and it’s not always possible to close off streets. Therefore, our local knowledge can be very helpful, whether we help you choose an alternative time to film, or find a similar looking location that’s less busy. We can also help overcome the language barrier by dealing with locals in the film industry on your behalf, so you just have to turn up ready to film.

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